The Gold Challenge.

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The Gold Challenge.

Post by Admin on 31st July 2013, 3:50 am

OK so you wanna make gold do you?

Then i lay down this simple challenge call it a quest if you will.

For lvls 5-15 try to make 500K a week, for a month 2m total

For lvls 16-25 try to make 1m a week, for a month 4m total

for lvls 26-34 try to make 2m a week, for a month 8m total

for lvls 35+ try to make 3m a week, for a month 12m total

All you need to do to complete these challenges is farm any mob suited to your lvl. probably spend 2 hours or so a day for the lesser challenge and more for the higher challenge.
Then after just one month think what you can do with your money.

1 hour farming simple mobs usually brings in 50-125k.
So 2 hours a day is 100k a day over 7 days is 700k.



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