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Making gold

Post by Admin on 29th May 2013, 4:09 am

ok if you have just started come here to learn how to make millions in a day that simply isn't from the start only the big guns can do that farming wadangka for rare book drops.

one way to earn money is to camp a certain boss over and over like 7tailfox which drops impact shot II which seems to be worth 5-10m on most servers but you could be camping it for ages and i mean ages. I've heard some people camped it for 6 months and never got a drop.

I feel the best way to earn money is during an event. simply farm something, anything over and over at least 3 hours or more a day. the more time you put in the more rewards you will get.
during event Ancient Coins drop if you collect enough of them 100 for example keep them till the event is over. After the event is over the price goes up and generally its 200k and stack so 100 Ancient Coins should get you a cool million. (during the event you're probably looking at half for your 100)


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