How buy an account safely.

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How buy an account safely.

Post by Admin on 7th June 2015, 2:24 pm

Although this is against the TOS on TWOM many players do this on a daily basis. This has enabled scammers to take advantage and rob players of accounts worth millions.

If your do however plan to buy and account off someone you need to know what you're doing and hopefully the advice here will help you.

First off all get advice in shout of what the account you're buying is generally worth. you dont want to be paying over the odds for a naff account. Its a good idea also to find out the reputation of the account too, as some scammers fake sale accounts.

IMPORTANT:: Take feedback from several players, whisper someone random if needs be, as scammers can also duel log and give you a false reference.

IMPORTANT:: Make sure the account hasn't been or is under initialisation via the NPC right of the innkeeper. It is a common trick for scammers to initialise before selling to claim the account back via TWOM.

Once you're satisfied the account being sold is legit, isn't under a initialisation period and a price is agreed, you'll want to find a good MM (Middle Man) this person will hold the amount of gold or item you have agreed to pay for the account until the account is yours.

IMPORTANT:: Finding a good MM can be hard. Make sure again you ask a lot of different players who is safe. People on the server will generally know who's who.

When found give the MM the gold/item agreed. After this has been given it is normal for the MM to show the seller the gold/item via trade. They will/should keep the item on their character.

After this, ask the seller to WHISPER you the login details and proceed to log in the account.

IMPORTANT:: After logging into the account check everything is as it was advertised by the seller. for example did the say the account was an IMP3 ranger?

IMPORTANT:: Make sure the next thing you do is INITIALISE THE ACCOUNT by the NPC right of the innkeeper. And change the email and password.

when changed its best practice to wait a minute or two before instructing the MM everything's ok this is because sometimes scammers are pre logged into the password change externally.

After a minute or two log out and log back into the account.

If you can log back in the account is now yours and you can instruct the MM to hand over the gold/items to the seller.


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