Sharing good or bad?

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Sharing good or bad?

Post by Admin on 7th June 2015, 2:47 pm

This is something that is against the TOS but it happens.

There are many advantages of sharing an account but one huge pitfall, you can lose it all.

Over my time in TWOM i have seen many accounts being shared and many accounts scammed in the process, the biggest came on Caligo. One player who had access to many pro accounts went rogue and scammed them all, 12 level 44+ accounts i believe it was.

Sharing with someone you've never met can end up this way, but not always. my advice, DONT SHARE WITH SOMEONE YOU DONT KNOW.

I've also seen real life couples and friends scam each other over minor disputes in real life.

There has also been cases of scammers cloning Kakao accounts to get their way into shared accounts.

If you do plan to share your account, MAKE SURE its someone you have full faith in and that you know them in REAL LIFE, not online. That way you stand a chance of getting it back should things go wrong. I would suggest a family member.


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