Strength how it works

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Strength how it works

Post by Admin on 29th May 2013, 4:32 am

if you're a warrior then you will need to know how strength works.

strength goes up in lvls. each lvls lets you hit that bit more.

level one 14,15,16
level two 17,18,19
level three 20,21,22
level four 23,24,25
level five 26,27,28
level six 29,30,31
level seven 32,33,34
level eight 35,36,37
level nine 38,39,40
level ten 41,42,43

not sure on the end but if anything it continues in the same way. you will do the same damage on each number within each lvl. so for lvl one 14str will do the same damage as 16 str.


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